How to Enrol at St Francis de Sales School

  • Complete the online enrolment form¬†
  • Complete the preference form and have this signed by your Catholic Parish Priest. If you belong to St Francis de Sales Parish please phone the parish office on (04) 383 8625 to make an appointment.
  • An original birth certificate or passport, we can copy and have this certified by the Principal at the school office.

We will confirm the enrolment as soon as possible and information required for starting school will be sent out the term prior to your child/children starting school.

If you need any further information about enrolling or making an appointment to meet with the principal, team leader or to visit the school, please contact the school office on (04) 939 7370 or email sfds@sfds.school.nz

As per the 2020 Education & Training Act, only 5% of our stu

Enrolment criteria - Preference or Non-preference

Student roll can be non-preference where space allows. The remaining 95% must be preference or Catholic students. There is sometimes a waiting list for non-preference places at Saint Francis de Sales School. Please refer to the second page of the Criteria of Preference to check if your child would be applying for a Preference or Non-Preference place.

Enrolment pack

If you would like a full enrolment pack, please contact the school office (939 7370) and we will send you one.

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